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up Parent Directory 14-Oct-2020 04:39 - directory ASI290mm Full Frame Rotation 07-Apr-2018 18:24 - [IMG] 20 out for clean.png 15-Feb-2018 07:42 1220k unknown Amateur Planetary Polarisation Techniques.doc 05-Mar-2018 17:32 32k [IMG] Control area upgrade (2).jpg 05-Mar-2018 17:32 148k [IMG] Firecapture polarisation Setup.png 10-Apr-2018 23:10 328k [SND] Hideaway (Cover with Tab).mp4 14-Oct-2020 04:35 26984k [IMG] P1170686.png 05-Mar-2018 17:33 3964k unknown Phil Miles planetary polarisation.pdf 05-Mar-2018 17:33 180k [IMG] Pol Setup-txt.jpg 18-Mar-2018 00:59 416k [IMG] Polarisation filter01.png 16-Feb-2018 10:20 1064k [IMG] Polarizing Filter Wheels-.png 05-Mar-2018 17:33 896k [IMG] Polarizing Filter Wheels-pmi.png 05-Mar-2018 17:33 912k [IMG] Polarizing Filter Wheels-txt-pmi.png 02-Mar-2018 11:02 900k [IMG] Polarizing Filter Wheels-txt.png 05-Mar-2018 17:33 900k [IMG] Polarizing Filter Wheels.png 05-Mar-2018 17:33 1928k [IMG] Roof open.png 15-Feb-2018 07:42 1732k [IMG] Scopes-txt.png 04-Feb-2018 02:43 916k unknown Stepper motor Belt Rotator.doc 05-Mar-2018 17:32 1616k [IMG] filter wheel.png 15-Feb-2018 07:42 1304k unknown filter wheel.psp 05-Mar-2018 17:33 2200k unknown planetary polarisation.docx 05-Mar-2018 17:32 16k [IMG] polarising filter wheel.png 05-Mar-2018 17:33 284k [IMG] twin scope stns.png 15-Feb-2018 07:42 1656k

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