“Amateur astronomers in Queensland’s Gemfields are two of about 50 in the world doing the work they do. Anthony Wesley and Phil Miles spend hours every night in their backyard observatories tracking the planets. Amateurs and professionals around the world are following a bright new storm on Jupiter, that was first seen on August 18, 2020.”
“When two amateur astronomers, Phil Miles and Anthony Wesley met in the remote Queensland town of Rubyvale, they knew it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Amidst constant banter and jostles over whose telescope is better, their work together in photographing planetary changes from the outer reaches of the solar system has attracted interest from the likes of NASA.
We find out what brought them together, whose telescope is actually bigger and why they get an adrenaline rush from capturing images of the planets in our solar system.”
A video tour of the “Gemeye” Observatory in Rubyvale, Central Queensland, Australia.
Outback Queensland astronomers Phil Miles and Anthony Wesley are featured on Channel Nine lifestyle program My Way. The Country Caller interviewed the pair about their passion for planets and their television appearance.
A year 3 science class (8 year olds) ask Queensland Astronomer Phil Miles questions about planets, gravity and aliens.
Venus image capture (top right)